Naomi Yeo


New Beginnings

What does one do when given a large plot of land?

In the warmth of discovery, the past 365 saw me through the plowing of the fields, the smell of freshly cut grass, the dancing on soil in parched weather, and the unheard of wails, unseen tears in the hail of the monsoon.

Still, after all the madness, where can one find the fruits of its harvest?

As I press my cheeks against the dust and hug the earth, I feel a rising. A rising to decimate the causes of uncertainty, fear and worry. A rising to reach for all things that give fire and light, and the stones that move from strength to strength.

With this new rising, a new beginning has birthed. The beginning of another adventure like no other, a force that builds character and redefines hope.
A hope in knowing that the righteous one has a hand on all good intentions, and a heart for the rising.

Naomi Yeo

Headshots 2019

Photographed by Michelle
Make up by Priscelia

What’s New

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Teamed up with the Singapore Tourism Board and Sentosa to host an adventure for 3 former athletes and their families from the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia! Catch all the action in this 3 part series on youtube via #VisitSingapore below!


I had the best experience making this drama series. Being able to work with individuals that took pride in their work was humbling. This is a story about 4 friends that find themselves being taken hostage by an unknown individual. The story unfolds in an unnerving manner - all friendships must die.


Thank you Michael Trio for having me on board this VO project! It was great fun and was also a humbling experiencing narrating a story revolving the most beautiful value in the world, Love.
Video courtesy of Cool Cheese Productions.



This collaboration finally happened! Sufi and myself got in touch over a year ago, but only managed to pull something together over the past two weeks. These photos were brought to life with Sufi’s incredible photography skills and Pris’ quick thinking and amazing make up skills.

Photography by Sufi Sufyan
Make-up by Pris


Here is a throwback video for you, back when things were simpler and I had the chance to work with one of the best content creators in the local scene - Butterworks.
Other videos you may know:
想当年 The Songs We Used To Sing
If Girls Were The Ones Who Serve Army
篮球泡泡茶 - Hooped On You (Mini Movie 2)

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